BCM 300 – My Individual Contribution



PIA ERMAN, 5892089




For our group pitch, we split the responsibilities evenly between the group members. My responsibilities were card prototype, game distribution and game costs. Everyone combined their efforts for the presentation aesthetic and the ideas slide.

For the card prototype, I used a card design I had put together prior when experimenting around with the dimensions of paper and the efficiency of printing cards vs. wasted paper. I moved the image over to Photoshop and added in text and an image, using one of the roles that we had designed for the board game already.

For game distribution, I used knowledge from my business studies classes in high school and applied it to our methods of distribution by researching the different board game distributors nation wide and world wide. The group couldn’t decide on an ideal company to distribute through as there was many pros and cons of each company and their method of distribution. The group did agree on the best distribution channel and the ideal amount of units to produce to ensure correct stock levels.

Game costs was also part of my responsibilities. I used a large number of generators, paper and cardboard companies pricing list, shipping costs and prices from local Australian retailers to compile the separate pricing for each item, i then totaled and converted all prices on each item into Australian dollars if need be and divided the total by our total units to find the approximate production cost of each game, resulting in $10 rounded up. Due to the lower production cost of the game, the total inflated price of the game would mean a high gross margin per unit. This price excludes marketing prices but a strong social media presence or even a kick-starter would be free-cheap marketing and the costs associated would have to be researched more.




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